OPENEDGES was founded by a team of industry veterans who know the deep learning and memory subsystem technology like the back of their hands.


Sean LeeSeanLee

CEO, Co-founder
– Business, Vision, Architect, Hardware Lead
– Cheering

– Principal Engineer at Samsung S.LSI
– Memory subsystem architecting & design
– Seoul National Univ. BS/MS/Ph.D (candidate)



Gilligan Choe

VP of Sales
– Worldwide Sales
– Marketing, Build partnership

– Head of Sales at Chips&Media
– Seoul National Univ. BS


Cody Hwang CodyHwang

Software Lead, Co-founder
– ENLIGHT™ neural network compiler
– ORBIT™ memory subsystem management SW

– Principal Engineer at Chips&Media
– Embedded software (firmware) for video IP
– Seoul National Univ. BS/MS


Jake Choi Jake

AI Accelerator Lead
– ENLIGHT™ neural network HW

– Principal Engineer at SK Hynix
– Principal Engineer at Samsung
– Seoul National Univ. BS/MS
– Purdue Univ. Ph.D

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