Network on-Chip Interconnect IP – OIC™



OPENEDGES is the only total memory system IP company providing both DDR Memory Controller (OMC) and On-chip Interconnect IP (OIC) together.

OIC is the ORBIT High Speed On-chip Interconnect IP, which delivers exceptional performance and SoC design flexibility based on automated end-to-end interconnect generation flow. Together with ORBIT DDR Memory Controller (OMC), OIC delivers significant synergy in terms of maximum performance, reduced SoC design efforts and a lot easier post-silicon debugging/tuning.

Today’s SoC gets more and more complex and performance demanding with multi-core & multiple DRAM channels. Conventional crossbar-based bus design fails to meet these requirements, significantly increasing overall SoC design efforts. OIC is the next generation high speed interconnect IP, which features high performance, small area & ultra low power consumption through proprietary HyperPath technology and Long-Distance Async (LDA) technology.

With these proven & unique technologies, OIC enables customers to reduce SoC’s backbone area (& global wires) by almost half while satisfying SoC’s high bandwidth and low latency demand. OIC’s automated end-to-end interconnect generation flow provides SoC design flexibility, significantly reducing SoC design efforts.

Key Advantages.

  • High performance with proprietary HyperPath™ technology
  • Extremely low power consumption
  • High flexibility for easy SoC floor plan & topology design
  • Easy power & clock management
  • Dynamic priority control in OIC & OMC based on observed latency & BW (ActiveQoS™)