NoC Bus Interconnect IP (OIC™)

OIC is the ORBIT high speed Network on-chip(NoC) bus interconnect IP, which delivers exceptional performance and SoC design flexibility based on an automated end-to-end interconnect generation flow. Together with the ORBIT DDR Memory Controller (OMC), OIC delivers significant synergy in terms of maximum performance, reduced SoC design efforts and significantly less complex post-silicon debugging/tuning.

Key Advantages

  • High performance
    . Proprietary HyperPath™ technology enabling 2x performance
    . Very low latency with LDA™ technology
    . Dynamic priority control in OIC & OMC based on observed latency & BW (ActiveQoS™)
  • Low power consumption
    . AdvancedClocking™ enables extremely low power
    . Proactively shut down clock trees
  • High flexibility
    . Automated end to end RTL generation with ORBIT design toolkit
    . Fast & easy SoC design of high speed & long distance interconnect
  • Safety & Security
    . End-to-end ECC (SECDED) support
    . End-to-end at-speed BIST
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