DDR Memory Controller – OMC™

OPENEDGES is the only total memory system IP company providing both DDR Memory Controller (OMC) and On-chip Interconnect IP (OIC) together.OMC is the ORBIT DDR Memory Controller, which delivers exceptional performance including high utilization & very low latency. Together with ORBIT On-chip Interconnect IP (OIC), OMC delivers significant synergy in terms of maximum performance, reduced SoC design efforts and a lot easier post-silicon debugging/tuning.OMC is a very small & highly configurable DDR memory controller. It provides very high performance through advanced memory controller design based on proprietary out-of-order scheduling algorithm and high speed implementation technique. Demand for more DRAM bandwidth is getting stronger than ever in a quest to improving user experiences (e.g. higher image resolution). Given the limited amount of physically available DRAM bandwidth, highly efficient memory controller IP is becoming a very critical issue everywhere.
With our OMC, SoCs can save significant amount of area & power consumption and meet next generation SoC’s DRAM bandwidth requirements.

DDR  Memory Type

DDR Type Typical Applications Available
DDR3/4 Controller STB/DTV/SSD/Network/Surveillance Now
LPDDR3/4(X) Controller Mobile/Automotive/IoT Now
GDDR6 Controller HPC (AI/ML) / Coin Now
HBM2 Controller HPC (AI/ML) / Coin / Data Center Q3,20
LPDDR5/DDR5 Controller Automotive/Broadcasting Q1,20


Key Advantages.

  • Very high DRAM utilization with proprietary out of order scheduling algorithm
  • Ultra low power consumption with HW controlled dynamic DRAM frequency scaling
  • Ultra low read latency and Peak latency suppression
  • Easy post-silicon performance tuning (ActiveQoS™)
  • Highly flexible & configurable DDR controller
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