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Memory Subsystem IP  and AI Accelerator IP


OPENEDGES™ Memory Subsystem Technology

ORBIT Memory Subsystem pump exceptional memory performance into ENLIGHT NPU and the rest of the system.   ORBIT Memory Subsystem consists of OMC ( DDR Memory Controller ) and OIC ( On-chip Interconnect IP).  Highly integrated Memory subsystem of OMC ( DDR Memory Controller ) and OIC ( On-chip Interconnect IP) improve your SoC reliability and boost maximum performance with ActiveQoS



ORBIT DDR Memory Controller IP (OMC)

OPENEDGES is the only total memory system IP company providing both DDR Memory Controller (OMC) and On-chip Interconnect IP (OIC).  OMC is the ORBIT DDR Memory Controller, which delivers exceptional performance including high utilization & very low latency. Together with ORBIT On-chip Interconnect IP (OIC), OMC delivers significant synergy in terms of maximum performance, reduced SoC design efforts and a lot easier post-silicon debugging/tuning.

OMC is a very small & highly configurable DDR memory controller. It provides very high performance through advanced memory controller design based on proprietary out-of-order scheduling algorithm and high speed implementation technique. Demand for more DRAM bandwidth is getting stronger than ever in a quest to improving user experiences (e.g. higher image resolution). Given the limited amount of physically available DRAM bandwidth, highly efficient memory controller IP is becoming a very critical issue everywhere. With our OMC, SoCs can save significant amount of area & power consumption and meet next generation SoC’s DRAM bandwidth requirements.


ORBIT On-chip Interconnect IP (OIC)

Today’s SoC gets more and more complex and performance demanding with multi-core & multiple DRAM channels. Conventional crossbar-based bus design fails to meet these requirements, significantly increasing overall SoC design efforts. OIC is the next generation high speed interconnect IP, which features high performance, small area & ultra low power consumption through proprietary HyperPath technology and LDA technology. With these proven & unique technologies, OIC enables customers to reduce SoC’s backbone area (& global wires) by almost half while satisfying SoC’s high bandwidth and low latency demand. OIC’s automated end-to-end interconnect generation flow provides SoC design flexibility, significantly reducing SoC design efforts.


OPENEDGES™ Artificial Intelligence Compute Engine

A turbo-charged compute engine accelerating your deep neural networks.
Anywhere in the Cloud and in the Edges of Internet of Things (IoT).


: Deliver unrivaled compute density and energy efficiency.

ENLIGHT™ Neural Network Compiler
: Optimize your neural network for perfect fit to ENLIGHT™ NPU.

ORBIT™ Memory Subsystem
: Pump exceptional memory performance into the ENLIGHT™ NPU and the rest of the system.