DDR Memory Controller (OMC™)

OMC is very small and highly configurable DDR memory controller.
It provides very high performance through advanced memory controller design based on a proprietary out-of-order scheduling algorithm and high speed implementation technique.

DDR  Memory Type

DDR TypeTypical ApplicationsAvailable
DDR3/4 ControllerSTB/DTV/SSD/Network/SurveillanceNow
LPDDR3/4(X) ControllerMobile/Automotive/IoTNow
LPDDR5 ControllerAutomotive/HPC/BroadcastingNow
HBM2/2E ControllerHPC (AI/ML) / Coin / Data CenterQ4,20
HBM3 ControllerHPC (AI/ML) / Coin / Data Center1H,21

Key Advantages.

  • Very high DRAM utilization
    . +90% DRAM utilization through proprietary out of order scheduling algorithm
    . Highly optimized pipeline architecture
  • Ultra low power consumption
    . HW controlled dynamic DRAM frequency scaling
    . Automatically handles training activities required for frequency change
    . Very small size
  • Ultra low latency
    . Ultra low latency even at high utilization
    . Peak latency suppression through latency-aware algorithm.
    . Exceptionally low write latency
  • Safety & Security
    . Full ECC
    . Security firewall

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