ENLIGHT™ is a   deep learning accelerator IP technology that delivers unrivaled compute density and energy efficiency.  ENLIGHT™ NPU IP accelerates inferencing computation with excellent efficiency in terms of power/performance/area. It targets  +10x compute density (performance/area)  and +10x power efficiency (performance / power) vs comparable GPU

Key Advantages

Mixed Precision Processing
. Scalable Performance
. Min to 4x compute density & low-power consumption with 4-bit MAC  (configurable)

High Effective MAC Utilization
. NN optimization techniques result in sparse neural network (NN) architecture
. Optimized for efficient sparse NN handling

Low Power Consumption
. +10x power efficiency (performance / power) vs comparable GPU

Programmable DNN Accelerator Engine
. Toward higher computational efficiency while improving prediction accuracy
. Support most recent NN development for SR

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