OPENEDGES and The Six Semi Announce Silicon Proven GDDR6 PHY in 12nm Process Technology

Jun 09, 2021 The Six Semiconductor Inc.(TSS), is pleased to announce  the successful bring up of its  12nm GDDR6 PHY. TSS is wholly owned by OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. (OPENEDGES) and teamed up with OPENEDGES to integrate their advanced PHY technology together with OPENEDGES memory subsystem IP.

With data rates up to 16Gbps in a 32-bit 2-channel configuration, the GDDR6 PHY provides a peak memory bandwidth of 64GB/s.  Designed fully compliant with the JEDEC JESD250C GDDR6 standard, this IP provides an effective and efficient solution for very high memory bandwidth applications tailored towards the recent advancement in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and general-purpose graphics processing unit (GPGPU) computing. 

The OPENEDGES and TSS team understand that aside from performance and power, the implementation requirement at the system level such as package stack up layer count and PCB layer count are also crucial factors to consider at the product level.  For these reasons, OPENEDGES and TSS team designed the GDDR6 PHY with the lowest system level implementation cost in mind, allowing cost sensitive applications to reap the benefits of this blazing fast memory standard.  This GDDR6 PHY IP is optimized with the memory controller IP & NoC interconnect from OPENEDGES Technology Inc. to provide a complete GDDR6 memory subsystem solution.

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