OPENEDGES and TAKUMI partner to promote ORBIT Memory Subsystem IP in Japan (Jan 19)

Jan 2019

OPENEDGES Technology, Inc. and TAKUMI Corporation reached an agreement that TAKUMI provides technical and sales support of OPENEDGES’ ORBITTM memory subsystem IP cores throughout Japan.

TAKUMI Corporation, a Japan-based advanced Graphics Intellectual Properties (IP) provider, has designed 2D/3D Graphics IP cores for many years. TAKUMI’s 2D/3D graphics IP has been licensed for a variety of embedded systems including mobile devices, digital home appliances and in-car information systems.

Japan has started broadcasting 8K on a permanent basis this year. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games not too far away, this is a major step in transitioning viewers to what the broadcasters call a “New era of full-scale super high vision.” This 8K broadcasting has significant impact on the whole SoC industry in Japan that has never seen before. For those 8K SoCs, memory bandwidth is becoming a critical bottleneck. Other applications, especially AI/ML, are starved of high memory bandwidth, too. TAKUMI’s 2D/3D GPU IP customers also face challenges of high memory performance with low latency.

To meet these exploding memory bandwidth requirements, OPENEDGES provides ORBITTM Memory Subsystem IP with exceptional bandwidth capabilities. DDR Memory Controller IP (OMCTM) and Network-on-Chip Interconnect (OICTM) are tightly integrated and the combo brings lots of synergy in terms of performance, bandwidth, latency & others. ORBITTM memory subsystem IP makes it possible to cut down the average & peak latency to more than 50% than before with the highly effective quality-of-service management feature (ActiveQoSTM). OPENEDGES’ cutting edge DDR Memory Controller IP also features extremely low write latency than conventional DDR controller. This exceptionally low write latency helps boost performance of a lot of data-driven applications including GPU and AI/ML.

(Latency comparison/NS, for STB application @ 16nm)

“Today’s SoCs that integrate GPU IPs are becoming very complex and are getting increasingly hungry for a high performance memory subsystem IP more and more”, says Osamu Shigenami, President and CEO of TAKUMI. “OPENEDGES’ memory subsystem IP is a perfect solution for our 2D/3D GPU IP customers. With this partnership, TAKUMI can provide our 2D/3D GPU IP together with OPENEDGES’ memory subsystem IP for our valuable customers, helping them to design more bandwidth efficient SoCs. Moreover, it can also significantly strengthen the performance of our GPU and Image Warping IPs, too. We are sure that this partnership will provide great value for our customers’ SoCs.”

Sean Lee, CEO of OPENEDGES, said,” We are so excited to be partnering with TAKUMI. TAKUMI has earned a professional reputation for very long time in this industry with their advanced graphics IP cores. With this partnership, TAKUMI and OPENEDGES will provide the best memory subsystem IP with high bandwidth efficiency and end-to-end quality-of-services (QoS) features to Japan customers.”

OPENEDGES is expanding its global footprint in 2019 and as part of this effort, it has set up technical support center in China, too.


OPENEDGES is a semiconductor IP provider for smart computing empowering Internet of Smart Things. Committed to democratizing artificial intelligence technology at the edge devices, OPENEDGES delivers IPs in two key technology areas of smart computing; highly efficient Artificial Intelligence Acceleration and high-performance Memory Subsystem. By synergy of these two technologies, OPENEDGES offers the sorely needed boost in performance, efficiency and reliability for Internet of Smart Things. ORBITTM DDR memory controller IP currently supports DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR3, LPDDR4 and LPDDR4x and support of LPDDR5, DDR5, GDDR6 and HBM2 will be available very soon. More information about OPENEDGES technology can be found on


TAKUMI Corporation licenses the GPU IP Cores, complying with standards including OpenGL ES and OpenVG, that can be integrated in SoCs for such embedded systems as digital still cameras/camcorders and set top boxes, as well as other industrial systems. The company’s silicon proven GPU IP Core brand “GSHARK-TAKUMI Series” boasts over 100 million commercial shipments. In addition, TAKUMI also licenses the advanced Image Warping IPs that have been developed upon the proprietary GPU technologies. For more information about the company’s products,

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