Turbo-Charged Compute Engine for Artificial Intelligence

Accelerating deep neural networks for deployment at scale

The Leader in Smart Computing

OPENEDGES™ researches Artificial Intelligence Acceleration Technology


We believe in the enormous value that artificial intelligence will bring to our society. We commit to contribute to democratizing artificial intelligence innovation.

 OPENEDGES is a semiconductor IP provider for smart computing empowering Internet of Smart Things.   Committed to democratizing artificial intelligence technology at the edge devices, OPENEDGES delivers IPs in two key technology areas of smart computing; highly efficient Artificial Intelligence Acceleration and high-performance Memory Subsystem including DDR Memory Controller & On-chip Interconnect IP.

By synergy of these two technologies, OPENEDGES offers sorely needed boost to performance, efficiency and reliability.


The Leadership Team


OPENEDGES was founded by a team of industry veterans who know the deep learning and memory subsystem technology like the back of their hands.


Sean LeeSeanLee

CEO, Co-founder
– Business, Vision, Architect, Hardware Lead
– Cheering

– Principal Engineer at Samsung S.LSI
– Memory subsystem architecting & design
– Seoul National Univ. BS/MS/Ph.D (candidate)


Cody Hwang CodyHwang

Software Lead, Co-founder
– ENLIGHT™ neural network compiler
– ORBIT™ memory subsystem management SW

– Principal Engineer at Chips&Media
– Embedded software (firmware) for video IP
– Seoul National Univ. BS/MS


Jake Choi Jake

AI Accelerator Lead
– ENLIGHT™ neural network HW

– Principal Engineer at SK Hynix
– Principal Engineer at Samsung
– Seoul National Univ. BS/MS
– Purdue Univ. Ph.D



Gilligan Choe

VP of Sales
– Worldwide Sales
– Marketing, Build partnership

– Head of Sales at Chips&Media
– Seoul National Univ. BS


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